Why You Should Never Buy Instagram Followers

Followers mean a ton on Instagram, so much so that you maybe tempted to “purchase” a few thousand so that you can make more people aware of your product or service “effortlessly.”

After all, since you can buy 1,000 new followers for as little as $10.00 or $15.00, why not at least try it? What could it hurt, especially if you purchase 5,000 or 10,000 for just $50 or $100?

Here’s why:

First, it’s against Instagram’s terms of service, which could result in termination of your account.

Second, because these followers didn’t actually choose to follow you, your engagement and reach could decline.

In fact, purchasing followers rarely results in increased engagement, even if you purchase several thousand: as mentioned above, they didn’t follow you themselves, and so there’s a good chance they’re not interested in your offerings.

They’ll probably just scroll on by your posts as they look at their feed

The also may not even be real people/followers: they could be bots, fake accounts or inactive accounts.

Bottom line? Don’t buy followers.

Instead, follow social media best practices and grow your followers organically/naturally following these strategies:

  • If you haven’t already done so, make your account public.

Instagram users will thus be able to see your profile and content and they’ll see it when it pops up on their “explore” pages, helping you grow your follower numbers naturally.

  • Employ hashtags wisely.

Hashtags are four little lines that combined make magic happen. 

Many people follow certain hashtags because the topics interest them and they truly want to see posts on them in their feed. They will simply search for posts with a certain hashtag in order to find people and accounts discussing/posting about one or more topics. 

Using the right hashtags intentionally in your captions helps up your chances of showing up in “strangers’”news feeds who are looking for content similar to yours. These folks probably never saw your content before and if they like it, they may decide to become your follower.

HubSpot has a great guide to hashtags for 2022 to help you learn how to use them strategically. 

  • To get followers, engage with others.

Give to get: comment, save, share, and like other posts. Instagram’s algorithm likes those who play nice (engage) with others, which means the more you engage (and the more they reciprocate),the better your chances that your content will appear more and more on news feeds. 

Which means your page will become more visible and your followers will grow.

  • Content, content and more content (and make sure it’s quality content).

Post images, of course. Upload GIFs, videos, quizzes, how-to advice, user-generated content, etc. Post high-quality photos; write funny, moving, interesting captions; post consistently (daily, if possible).

Research which hashtags are popular (and generate interest); just make sure they’re aligned with your brand. 

  • Use Instagram Stories.

People just love Instagram Stories because it appears people are simply living for the next trending video. 

Stories works really well because it allows people to interact with your video’s content when you offer quizzes, polls, questions, how-tos, etc. 

Compared to a “regular” Instagram post, Stories allows for more engagement from followers. And the more your followers engage on any post, the more they’ll share your Stories with their own followers.

Help building your own Instagram strategy

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