Show ’em, Don’t Tell ’em: Why Video is Such a Great Marketing Tool

Blogging is great for digital marketing. So is using social media to broadcast your blogs, run ads, and otherwise showcase your company’s services and products.

Podcasting helps prospects learn…so that they’ll learn so much from you that they’ll eventually buy from you because you’ve taught them so much.

But video? Video is the marketing strategy that will beat all others for the foreseeable future.

A Whole Business Strategy Rolled Into One Marketing Tactic

Digital Marketing. Video Marketing. Social Media Marketing.

Video possibly is THE most powerful strategy any business can use to promote its services/products and woo potential clients.

  • It boosts conversions and sales: landing page videos can increase conversion rates by up to 80 percent
  • It provides a terrific return on a marketer’s investment: it’s not the easiest or least expensive of marketing strategies but when 89 percent of marketers recently said videos give them a terrific ROI, it’s probably worth it.
  • Inbound marketing/content marketing is all about creating a sense of relationship with prospects, so much so that they eventually trust you and/or your product enough to purchase it. Videos provide a sense of the “physical,” which helps people feel closer to you. You’re real, just like they are.
  • Mobile users watch a lot of videos. Three-fourths (75 percent) of all videos are watched on a mobile device. And, by the way, mobile use is exploding: more than half of all Internet traffic is via mobile.
  • Marketing via video helps viewers understand what it is you’re offering. They can easily “get” what your product/service “does” for them. This means a boost in sales as well as higher buyer satisfaction (because your videos help them understand how to use the product, etc.).
  • Video practically compels viewers to share it with others, either via a single link texted or emailed to a friend or shared on viewers’ social channels. (In fact, more than 90 percent of people looking at a video on a mobile device have shared one on their social channels.)

Creating A Video Marketing Strategy

First, decide that video marketing will become an important part of your marketing efforts. It shouldn’t be a one-and-done, let’s give it a try and see how it goes thing. Commit!

Come up with topics – a series of videos on a single topic is a great way to go – and then create a regular release schedule.

Always create “positive,” helpful videos. The best types of videos usually are how-tos and/or advice tutorials. Stay away from purely promotional “advertisement-like” videos: provide value/information/instruction, not “buy, buy, buy.”

As for length, shorter is better. In fact, Google’s algorithm tends to prefer videos of no less than four and a half minutes long, but shorter than 16 minutes.

Also, don’t be afraid to take a stand on what you believe. These can be controversial, but they DO get noticed and if you feel compelled to take a stand on something about which you feel strongly, many viewers will understand. (You’ll excite those who agree with you but you may lose those who don’t, so you’ll need to decide if you’re willing to risk “losing” those who have a strong opinion against what you believe.)

Videos ARE Time-intensive, But They ARE So Powerful!

We know well how much time and talent creating a great video can be. There are some inexpensive or even free tools you can use if you’re strapped for cash (Canva, for example, has a free video editor that allows you to create videos with music). And that could be a good start for your business.

But because of its incredible ROI when done well, we urge you to partner with marketers who can help you put together great videos.

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