Why Is SEO So Important?

Every business wants to be on Page 1 of Google, but do you really understand the importance of being a top result? 

Digital presence has become increasingly important, especially with growing competition and all the data that is available today. The key to achieving a high ranking spot? Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the process of bringing quality and quantity traffic to your website and making it visible to users on the internet.

Here are just a few reasons why SEO is so important to your marketing strategy: 

  • Improves Visibility and Rankings

Most mobile traffic is driven by search engines. Properly optimizing your site will allow a search engine to display your information within search results and connect you with potential customers. Simply put, it makes it easier for prospects to find your site. 

  • Builds Trust and Credibility

Google prioritizes sites that have reliable, high quality information. It looks for trusted backlink profiles, positive user experience, and relevant and optimized content to present. Users trust search engine recommendations and will head to sites deemed credible. 

  • Increases Engagement, Traffic, and Conversations

Local SEO can help optimize properties to reach your target audience. This mobile traffic follows this pathway to lead to conversions. 

  • Measures Performance Results

SEO practices are quantifiable. Unlike traditional methods, SEO can be evaluated by traffic, conversions, and other important metrics. By using tools such as Google Analytics, your business can effectively identify what is and what is not working. 

  • Enhances User Experience

Well-optimized websites cater to user experience because search engines can easily pull information to relay. Essentially, if users have trouble navigating your site, search engines will too. 

  • Supports Your Brand

A highly visited website is just one key element of your social promotion. In a buyer’s journey, search engines are a popular starting point, and those that find your website are more likely to find your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels. 

Because of Google’s changing algorithms, SEO demands consistent monitoring to either maintain your spot or to move further in the rankings. Although this practice requires lots of time, effort, and maintenance, it is definitely worth the investment. No matter the size of your business, or what industry you are in, SEO should be a priority in your marketing strategy. 

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