Make ’em Play with It: Why Interactive Content Helps Create Fans

Let’s say you offer retirement planning services. What’s one thing you can add right on your home page that will get a lot of attention from website visitors?

How about a “when can I retire” calculator?

If visitors fill it out they’ll not only have engaged with you – which helps them feel “connected” to you before they’ve even left your home page – but over time you’ll see different visitor ages, income, retirement savings amounts, etc. Which will help you determine who is most interested in retirement services, helping you create prospect personas for different potential customers (those with many years ahead before retiring vs. those who are five years or fewer out, for example).

A calculator (it could be a mortgage calculator, for a mortgage services company, as another example), is just one type of interactive content. Others could include:

The Power Behind Interactive Content

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First, understand that 93 percent of marketers agreed in 2018 that interactive content is good at educating buyers compared to “just” 70 percent for “static” content (blog posts, listicles, etc.).

What’s more, 88 percent of marketers also said interactive content is great at helping their brand stand out from their competitors.

And, perhaps most importantly, 79 percent of marketers agreed that interactive content helps consumers of the content retain a company’s brand messaging when combined with traditional marketing strategies.

Additional Benefits Of Interactive Content

The benefits of using calculators, quizzes, games, contests, etc. are many:

  • They generate higher engagement rates: 80 percent of people online will watch a video, but only 20 percent will read the content.
  • You’ll likely be able to capture more data about your prospects because immersive/interactive content that catches a prospect’s attention while offering a personalized experience often makes it easier for people to give you their information. It’s pretty simple: people enjoy interacting with your content and you get valuable data to use in lead nurturing.
  • It increases your authority. Creating quizzes your prospects enjoy takes knowledge of their goals and needs. As they participate in your interactive content and provide you data about themselves, you’ll start understanding those goals and needs even more. You can then create interactive content that fulfills their need for information even better than your original efforts. Your authority – and trustworthiness – in their eyes will grow.

How to Use Interactive Content

Consider employing it as a lead magnet to encourage site visitors to give you their email address. (When people do, you pretty much know they are very interested in your offerings and are likely to engage more with you and…convert into customers.)

An integrative infographic, for example, will both engage and inform your prospects. Take a look, for example, at this terrific interactive infographic full of Beatles information. Scroll over it and you’ll see informative bites pop up almost everywhere. If you were selling a new Beatles biography or selling Beatles paraphernalia, wouldn’t this make a terrific selling tool? You KNOW the Beatles; site visitors have absolutely no doubt, so they would naturally infer that whatever you’re selling about them is just as full of bona fide and detailed facts.

Polls (which just have one multi-choice answer question) and surveys (which are made up of several questions participants need to answer) can be phenomenal in gathering prospect data. You can learn terrific things about your prospects by asking them for:

  • Feedback on your products/services.
  • Purchasing preferences (their favorite hobbies, vacations, brands, prices, etc.
  • Why they are considering using your product service. This can help you ascertain their pain points and goals.

You also can get even more bang for your buck with your email marketing by embedding videos, games, charts, etc. into your messages. Transforming a “simple” email into interactive content actually can increase your click-to-open-rate by up to 73 percent.  Adding one or more videos can up that click through/open rate by 300 percent.

Content – Interactive or Not – is Still King

This doesn’t mean that blogs, white papers, ebooks, etc. are going away: they still provide great marketing ROI. What’s more, it’s relatively easy to imbed interactive content into these “static” types of content.

Your prospects leads and even current customers crave content. Give it to them! And if you need help either in creating “stand alone” interactive content, static content or a hybrid of both, contact us here at Ingenex Digital Marketing.