Utilizing Instagram Story Features: The Breakdown

How Instagrammable is your business? It is important to keep up to date on the latest social media tips and tricks. Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms, right behind Facebook. There are a multitude of ways you can market your business on the app, from posts to reels to IGTVs. But the story feature is definitely worth it to debunk. They are a much more casual way of sharing what is going on in your life. 

They can be incredibly useful for businesses if done the right way. Nowadays aesthetic is EVERYTHING, and a business’ Insta story should reflect that. Your content will be sandwiched between beach pictures and selfies, so it needs to stand out! There are many new and old features on Instagram stories that can be difficult to navigate, so we’re here to help!

To start an Insta story, slide your finger from the left of the screen to the right while on your Insta feed. There are eight icons on the left you are able to choose if you would like. 

  • Create: Allows you to type on a gradient screen
  • Boomerang: Takes a short looping video
  • Hands-Free: Lets you record video without touching screen
  • Layout: Makes a collage of pictures
  • Photobooth: Takes 4 photos and scrolls through them
  • Superzoom: Zooms in really far
  • Multi-capture: Takes multiple separate pictures 
  • Level: Helps align your phone while taking a picture


There are two ways to add pictures into your story. Click the lower left corner to add a photo directly from your camera roll. Or you can copy a photo while in your photos app, go to the Instagram Story, and the picture will pop up. 


There are hundreds of filters to choose between, and you can easily search for what is best for your brand. To access Filters scroll through the circle icons at the bottom of the screen. 


Text: Add text after taking a photo by clicking the ‘Aa’ in the top right corner. You can change the font, color, size, placement, and background of the text. You can also animate it!

Drawing/Background: Click the scribble icon to draw on the screen or choose your color and press and hold the screen to color the entire background. 

Gifs/Stickers: Click the smiley face icon to choose from many different stickers and gifs to include.


Location: Tag your location in a story to let viewers know where you are.

Music: Add in up to 15 seconds of a song of your choice 

Hashtag: Use hashtags to increase exposure

Countdown: Utilize the countdown feature to raise awareness around launches or events

Donation: Link donations for viewers to support causes dear to your company


Quizzes: Viewers select answer to questions you ask

Questions: Viewers can ask questions or give feedback

Polls: Ask viewers to choose between two things

As you can tell there are SO many different features available on Instagram stories. Be sure not to overwhelm your viewers with all of the features at once! Try to diversify your story feed with these ideas!

Check out our blog post about Instagram Story Ads, and as always contact us if you need any more help!