The Top Blogging Mistakes You May Be Making

You’ve decided to start blogging. Good for you…usually.

Why the “usually”? Because not all business websites should have a blog.

It’s true: if you truly don’t have the time, if you really can’t think of anything to say, if you’re not a great writer (or can’t afford to hire a good one), blogging may not work for you and, therefore…

…you probably shouldn’t blog

But there are dozens of reasons why you definitely should blog:

What’s the first top blogging mistake you might be making?

Not blogging at all

Here are the others.

You blog about things that YOU find interesting, not thinking – or possibly caring – that your prospects will find it interesting.

Blogs aren’t for you; they are for your prospects and customers. So before firing up the ol’ keyboard and writing, think of topics that you know will be of interest to your audience.

Your writing is stiff and, well, boring.

Your blog’s writing tone should be easy-breasy. Light. Even – dare we say it? – fun! This is not a term paper. Its not a letter to the editor (remember those?). It’s not a business proposal or contract.

You are writing for people whom you hope will become your customers. Close customers. Maybe friend-like. Write as you would to a friend. 

What topics are they interested in? Do they have concerns? What problems are they looking to solve or goals they want to reach? 

Be conversational. Remember: you’re a person, so write personably.

Your blog topics are too general.

For example, here at Ingenex Digital Marketing we’re a big believer in content marketing. 

That’s a very broad topic. In some ways its our own “bigger picture.”

This blog post is about content marketing, but a specific kind: blogging.

Your blog post is one big “text blob.”

Online readers don’t read as much as they skim. Clicking on a blog title and then seeing a blob of text appear will make them click away.

What is a “text blob”? Text blob’s have very long sentences in very long paragraphs. They have no sub-topic heads and even sub-heads. In addition, they have no bullet points or numbered lists.

It’s just….text. 

Need an example of what to do? Frankly, this very blog post is an excellent example!

Oh, and don’t forget at least one photo. Put it at the top of the post, just like this post.

You state data and stats without evidence.

You say such and such is true, but you don’t say how you know it’s true. How can you do so? Provide an outbound link to an article from an authority – or an actual authority who is an expert.

For example, the link above that states that blogging will help your website rise in search engine results? Click on that link and you’ll see that it goes to HubSpot, a bonafide expert on all things inbound/internet/content marketing. 

You also can say “according to the American Association of Franchisees & Dealers…,” or “according to Automotive Industry Action Group…,” etc. The point is to back up statements you make that aren’t within your area of expertise with information from respected entities that do have access to those facts, figures, stats, etc.

You don’t provide readers with ACTIONABLE information, tips and strategies.

Wait, you may be thinking. Won’t that be “giving away” what I know? Won’t they simply read the post and then do whatever it says to solve their problem or reach their goals on their own?

No. They won’t.

Truly. They are busy. Could they take your information and do it themselves?

Of course! But then they’ll find that the actual doing is far harder than believed. Or they don’t have the skills you have and so they can’t solve the problem/reach the goals.

But by giving them true information/strategies/tips that they could do, you showcase their expertise. They come to trust you. They eventually will contact you directly for more info and they could well become a client.

You don’t take enough time to write a great post.

It’s true: blogging – writing – does take time. Possibly at least an hour in order to do it well.

If you feel that you – or one of your team members’ – time is better spent doing other things, learn more about our blogging services. 

We look forward to hearing from you.