The Top 5 Best Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

We’ve said it before (and again and again): inbound marketing is by FAR the best type of digital marketing any business can use to find the best prospects/leads and turn them into happy customers!

And the old saying about using the right tools for the right job definitely applies here: you will want to use the best tools for marketing possible to ensure success so to help you, we’ve put together a list of the five marketing tools. Take a look below.



OMG, there’s pretty much nothing better than using this inbound marketing platform for your inbound efforts! It’s basically the only answer we give when clients ask “What software do I need for marketing?” It’s a powerful too, allowing you to automate your marketing efforts (inbound does take a lot of effort), helping you attract the right prospects; write personas so you know which prospects are the right ones, helping you write content that appeals to them; place those prospects into the right funnels; court them with informative content (it helps you come up with topics) until they become actual leads; and then move them along their particular buyer’s’ journey until they become your customer and a raving fan.

To paraphrase an old ballpoint pen tagline: “Is it wrong to love marketing software? Not when it’s HubSpot!”



Inbound requires a website and a blog and the best platform to use is WordPress. Yes, it’s not uber-simple to set up like some others. (We’re not naming names but one, um, wants you to go to your daddy and the other, er, is betWixt and between)  and it really isn’t as plug-and-play when it comes to actually building a website within it as it touts itself, but its power as a website and blogging tool is phenomenal.

It’s by far the most popular website builder/content management system, in use with more than 75 million websites across the globe. It offers thousands of beautiful templates (website designs) and a flexible interface. WordPress? It’s da bomb!



When it comes to social media management, chances are you already may be using another platform (it gives a hoot). And while the social manager with the tiny owl logo is good, we feel Buffer is better. Here’s why: It’s much simpler and more streamlined and its mobile app is less clunky than the other platform’s.

However, it supports fewer social channels and you can’t engage with your social followers from within its interface.

But, in our mind, its simplicity when using trumps the ability to chat with followers while inside it. (You can always logo into your channel manually and engage that way; it’s actually better so anyway.)



Inbound marketing will see you offering prospects information of value to them in exchange for their email address. Once you have that address, you’re going to continue to send them valuable information (links to your blog posts, free offers,  etc.).

So you’re going to need an email marketing tool and the one we recommend is Mailchimp. Here’s why:

  • It’s extremely easy to import subscribers.
  • It’s segmenting options (sending certain emails to top-of-funnel prospects and not to bottom-of-funnel prospects, for example) are advanced and terrific making it easy to sort your subscribers into fine-tuned segments, changing them around when necessary.
  • You can A/B test/multivariate to see which emails perform best when and with whom.

Alexa Marketing Stack


Marketing today still does rely on keywords: it’s how your prospects will find your terrific content online. So you’re going to want to use a terrific keyword research tool. That would be Alexa Marketing Stack.

The software performs keyword research as well as site and content audits and competitive analysis. It’s thorough and definitely will help you grow search traffic as well as find content you prospects would enjoy that you aren’t yet providing.

Let Ingenex Digital Marketing put all of those tools – and more – to work for you! Inbound marketing isn’t difficult – but it takes time to get up to speed and grow your expertise (and see results). Why wait? Contact us today and learn more about how we can bring the tremendous power of inbound marketing to your company’s marketing efforts.

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