Top 4 Content Marketing Trends: 2022


Empathy – and lots of it.

If the past 20 or so months have taught all of us anything, it’s that compassion towards others is critical in all aspects of life. Including content marketing.

People need information. They need their questions answered and problems solved. So how do companies help? By presenting solutions in the form of blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, and more. Further, because of the COVID-19 pandemic – and because we’re all just ripped to bits as a result – wise marketers will be providing content with a lot of empathy. They will, in other words, treat their prospects and customers like real people!

As such, content will be less about:

  • Selling and more about solving problems.
  • Pushing and more about restraint.
  • What the company or product is or does and more about clients’ potential triumphs should they use or purchase the business’ wares or services.

In short, marketers who are more empathetic in their content marketing will find their prospects more receptive to what they have to say. Here’s to hoping empathy surpasses the status of content marketing trend and becomes a permanent part of the content marketing playbook.


Respect from brands large and small.

Marketers know that content marketing is a great way to grow brand awareness, trust and credibility while educating their audiences. Brands will finally catch wise.

When done well, content marketing can also:

  • Build loyalty with existing customers.
  • Generate leads – and high quality ones.
  • Nurture prospects through the sales funnel.
  • Drive attendance to events (IRL or virtual).
  • Support product launches.
  • Create new revenue streams – or strengthen the bread-and-butter.


Bigger content marketing budgets…

Two-thirds of marketers say their content marketing budget trends higher each year. What’s more, one in five of those who say their budget will increase believe it will grow by at least nine percent. More than half the marketer respondents said they believed increased spending budgets would be in putting on events (hybrid, in-person and virtual), creating video content, purchasing paid media, and owned media assets.

No surprise when it comes to events: most marketers believe digital events will be tops compared to in-person and hybrid. (As it turns outs, the marketers reported that virtual events, online courses and webinars produced the best content marketing ROI among all formats.)

Still, don’t count IRL events out just yet. While the percentage of in-person marketing events decreased to 19 percent from 73 percent in the last two years, many marketers (52 percent) said they expect in-person event investments to increase. Thirty-nine percent said hybrid event spending should grow.


…with the same small team to manage it.

Marketers expect their budgets to increase year-over-year. But they also suspect that hiring more content marketers won’t be part of that budget; current employees will simply be tasked with more money and more campaigns to manage.

Content teams tend to be small as it is: often less than a handful of professionals because many marketing departments are made up of just two full-time people (if not just one), let along anyone focused solely on content marketing. Instead, companies will end up outsourcing their content marketing efforts, particularly those with small marketing departments.

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