The Difference Between Warm and Cold Calling (and Why They Matter)

So, what really is the difference between warm and cold calling? Is making a sales call via phone dead? No.

But there’s a vast difference between making a call to a complete stranger (cold calling) and making a call to someone who knows and probably even trusts you (if just a little): a warm call. 

How ineffective are cold calls? How does 90 percent of the time sound? In addition, other research has shown that just 2 percent of cold calls result in a meeting. 

Warm calls result in a lot more meetings

How effective is a warm call compared to a cold calling? How about raising the percentage of getting a meeting from 2 percent to 30 percent?

The BEST way to make warm calls is to do a good deal of work upfront: inbound marketing

In fact, with inbound marketing you may not have to make any calls at all, and especially not the dreaded cold calling.

Let us repeat: inbound marketing could mean Never. Having. To. Make. A. Call. Again.

Let that sink in for a moment. 

Here’s why inbound marketing does this:

Inbound marketing sees you creating content in the form of blog posts, infographics, social media updates, video etc. (don’t worry; you don’t have to do ALL the things) that provide information of use to your prospects so that they can overcome their challenges and reach their goals.

Companies that commit to creating targeted content such as this find their phones ringing from potential clients: done well, inbound marketing had 30 times the lead conversion rate of outbound marketing (cold calling is considered outbound marketing).

Done consistently, inbound marketing helps your target market come to know that you know what you’re doing (you become an expert in their eyes). Inbound also ensures that your prospects come to trust that you have their best interests at heart.

Make a phone call and have a conversation – a strategy behind cold and warm calling

After all, isn’t that the whole point of making calls? To have a conversation where you can discuss your prospect’s needs and goals and how your product or service helps the prospect meet or even exceed them?

You’re far more likely to take a call from an acquaintance rather than a stranger, right?

Inbound marketing helps make your phone call one from an acquaintance, possibly even one from a true and trusted advisor, even before you’ve ever chatted on the phone!

Inbound works even after the call

Inbound/content marketing is working for you all the time, before and after any calls your sales people may make, be it cold or warm calls. You continue to write blog posts and you post links to them on your social channels, as well as send links to them in emails to prospects. 

Your content thus is working for you all the time. So much so that, as mentioned at the start of this post: don’t be surprised if you have prospects contacting you, asking for more information, even a meeting.

Would you like to see your phone ringing with prospect calls?

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