4 Strategies to Kick-Start Your Startup

You’ve recently launched your startup and are ready for startup marketing. 

You’re rightly proud. You’re also definitely not alone: 2020 saw many people start businesses, about 4.41 million business applications were filed last year. This is an increase over 2019, when a bit more than 3.42 million applications were filed. 

(In fact, business applications rose considerably between 2ndQ 2020 and 3rQ 2020, with a bit more than 893,000 applications filed in the 2nd Quarter last year, followed by a huge jump to about 1.6 million applications taken out in the 3rd Quarter last year.)

So now that you’ve started a business, you have to let people know it exists.

Let the startup marketing begin!

Here are four startup marketing strategies that are among the most effective:

1. Email marketing

Say what!!?? Old-fashioned email? We’re kidding, right?

Yet 87 percent of email marketers said last year that they believe the performance of their email marketing campaigns is increasing. That’s a powerful thumbs up for email marketing’s effectiveness.

Nope. Email marketing is the easiest/most effective marketing strategy for your business. Yes, it’s “old fashioned.” Yes, everyone says they receive too many emails, so therefore marketing your startup via email must be yesterday’s marketing strategy, right?

Couple the message’s content with a professional email signature that has a link to your website, and you’ll more than likely also receive more traffic back to your website.

2. Social media marketing

Social Media Examiner last year reported that Statista found that the “increased exposure” as well as lead generation, were just two of the main reasons marketers use social media to market a business.

It also will help you grow a loyal customer base, establishes your thought leadership, generates leads, increases sales, and also improves your search rankings.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Yes, website optimization still matters. It helps you increase traffic to your website, but it also builds trust: if your site ranks high in search engine results when people use keywords looking for your products/services, the very fact that you show up high leaves them with the impression that you’re a respectable enterprise.

4. Content marketing

“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision. “– John Maxwell.

The “buy into the vision” also applies to marketing and selling your products and services: no one will buy from you until they “buy in” to you. That is, they won’t buy until they believe you’re trustworthy, that your service will deliver what you say it will or that your product does what you say it does.

Content marketing, in which you create content in the form of blog posts, social media updates, videos, free reports, infographics, etc. that provides prospects with information to help them solve their problems and/or reach their goals is a highly effective way to get prospect “buy in.”

Broadcast this information via email messages, in blog posts (then broadcast with links to the blog on social media) and provide the information as a free report on your website (they give you’re their email address in exchange for it), and so on, and members of your target market soon enough will come to trust your expertise. Over time, they will “buy in” to your skills, knowledge and the results you promise so that eventually they buy from you.

Content marketing also can increase your SEO rankings when you place appropriate keywords in your blog posts and on your website pages.

Kick-starting your startup marketing 

The four startup marketing strategies discussed above will get your new business’ marketing efforts off to a great start.

But they are just the beginning. 

You can dig deep into the strategies above to reap their full benefit. You also can use other techniques and tactics to really kick your marketing – and sales – up several levels.We can help. Contact Ingenex Digital Marketing to learn more about startup marketing strategies.