Monthly Software Review: Hey Alexa, Marketing Stack

Is it wrong to love marketing software? Not when it’s Alexa.

This software tool allows you to find the websites your prospects visit, keywords your target audience members use when searching for the products and services you provide,  keywords that are easiest to rank for, and, perhaps the best feature, websites that compete for the same audience and prospects as you.

We regularly use all of these tools within the Marketing Stack here in our Ann Arbor office because of the ease they bring to our lives. Most importantly, though, they help us provide our clients with the best and most effective of digital and inbound marketing strategies. (That would be you, by the way.)

How do we love you, Alexa? Let us count the ways.


The Competitor Keyword Matrix

We use this tool All. The. Time! (We used it to find the right keywords for this blog post. Can you figure out which ones they are?) This tool allows you to find keywords that your competitors use, but you don’t. At least, not yet! It lets you compare keywords in up to 10 websites to see where you stand against your competitors. What’s more, this tool finds the keywords that bring your competitors traffic so that you can start using them, too.

How does this benefit you? Creating new content (blog posts, website pages, etc.) using these terms/keywords will attract prospects while showcasing your expertise.


Site Comparisons

Cease wondering what kind of traffic your competitors have: the Marketing Stack informs you of how many visitors your competitors receive. It’s like having your own internal spy at their offices! You can analyze their strategies to see what they’re doing that you’re not and how those strategies might work for you. You can also track and benchmark your own performance against your competition.


The Audience Overlap Tool

Who else do your prospects love? This tool allows you to find websites that compete for your same target audience. By understanding where else your potential prospects visit, you can employ the right keywords to attract them to check you out too. You may think you know who your competitors are, but businesses come and go every minute. Stay up to date on who is vying for your prospects’ attention – and purchases!

As we mentioned above, we use the Alexa Marketing Stack software all the time, not only for our own organic gains, but also for our clients’. It provides us with a great deal of insight into our own business as well as our competitors’, and it can do the same for you: Alexa offers 14- or 30-day free trials of its analytics software. Check it out.

If you’re busy – and if you run either a small company or its marketing department, you’re the epitome of busy – ask us to handle your marketing and competitor analysis for you. Ingenex has been helping businesses, start-ups, universities/colleges, associations, and more attract the right type of prospects (the highly targeted kind) for years. Let us help you do the same.

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