Social Media Trends: Our Top 5 for 2022


TikTok will continue to evolve as a legitimate, useful tool for marketers.

Remember long ago (…last year) when TikTok was a social media channel ‘just for teens?’ Not anymore! It’s a terrific app/channel for you to use in your marketing efforts next year.

Some statistics:

  • The CEO of said that, in 2020, “TikTok was the world’s most downloaded app and with more and more consumers choosing to use the creative and humorous entertainment platform, brands are waking up to the opportunity to capture a new audience and showcase their brand personality.”
  • Covid-19 lockdowns really are the reason TikTok’s popularity exploded, becoming “the go-to channel” because it “made us smile. It made us laugh” during a dark time (according to the CMO of Talkwalker).

We believe more and more brands will start looking at leveraging the app’s popularity in order to expand brand awareness to new audiences using humor.


Brands will go all-in on ‘social commerce revenue,’ using social media trends to reach new audiences.

Brands are always working to increase brand awareness to new audiences – while still strengthening current customer loyalty and improving their customer service. After all, many of us started doing most of our shopping online, and studies are showing no decrease for the foreseeable future. Staying on top of social media trends is how truly modern brands will become Facebooks – not MySpaces.

  • Statista predicts that “social commerce revenue” will reach almost $46 billion in 2022 and increase of $9 billion over this year. It also believes there will be 302 million social media users in the U.S. in 2022, which will grow to 323 million by 2026.

So it only makes sense that companies have started thinking about how to reach new prospects and close new customers via social media. They’re also starting to really understand how social channels can help them build deeper relationships with their existing audiences, helping them grow customer loyalty over the long term.


Companies are going to add more social-media-only marketers onto their payroll.

As businesses spend more money and time on their social media efforts next year, they’re going to see that having employees work ‘two jobs’ – such as marketers also performing social media tasks – is asking too much for too little.

Hiring dedicate social media marketers whose only focus is generating engaging social media content. Doing so will allow them to optimize their social channels, turning them in true revenue generators.


Augmented Reality (AR) will skyrocket as a marketing & sales tool in 2022.

After all, because AR can improve click-through rates to purchase by as much as 33% , it would be rather foolish for companies not to embrace this tool. 

Augmented reality could well become consumers’ preferred option when trying on products in next year as it’s a very personal way to reach prospects/current customers and is more effective in turning browsers into buyers compared to other types of marketing and advertising. 

To test how well AR might work for your brand, try it out first on Snapchat, as it reaches more than 75% of 13-34 year olds in the U.S. It also reaches almost one out of every two smartphone users.  


Potential buyers on social media will demand even more ‘snackable’ content.

As the boom in TikTok viewers has shown, consumers love short, entertain content – what marketers have come to call snackable.

In addition, social media attention spans will continue to shrink. This short-and-punchy type of content is just about the only thing that will attract attention. HubSpot’s blog posts outline four types of extremely short content your company may want to try out next year. 

Not every company can afford to bring on a dedicated social-media marketer onto its payroll.

That’s why can be your ‘dedicated, part-time’ social media expert. We can help you take true advantage of social media marketing without having to pay the expenses of full-time employee. Learn more about how we can help you nail 2022’s social media marketing trends.