Social Media Marketing Myths

When it comes to social media marketing, do you think your company should have a presence on all of them from the get go?

If you said yes, you’ve just fallen for a social media marketing myth: those pesky “truths” that “every” marketer says “every” company or person looking to market a business should do.

Instead, you should join only those channels on which your clients belong. 

For example, if you sell to B2B companies, should you be on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Linked.


If you know for a fact that your prospects are there, then you should be there, too.

But if in doubt, B2B companies could start with LinkedIn. After all, that’s where your prospects more than likely will be regularly.

Here are a few more social media marketing myths

  • Myth #1: If your prospects are B2B companies there’s no need to join Pinterest.

HubSpot, one of the best-known sources of marketing data and facts, disagrees with you. So much so, that it’s actually written a report on B2B marketers using Pinterest in their marketing mix.

  • Myth #2: You should aim to attract only those followers and fans of your channels who fit your personal profile.

Don’t forget, your fans and followers also have their OWN fans and followers. Your fans could mention you in a post or tell their IRL friends about you.

Plus, your search engine rankings will improve the more followers/fans you have

  • Myth #3: Schedule social media posts for weekdays only.

So you don’t think that your prospects are on LinkedIn only M-F? They more than likely do. Check your social analytics on all of your channels to actually see when your followers visit your social channels and then – only then – decide not to post on weekends.

  • Myth #4: Social media is about building “connections” and “relationships.” It doesn’t drive sales.

Seventy-nine percent (79!) of social media visitors say that the user-generated content they see on their channels “highly impacts their purchasing decisions.”

  • Myth #5: Older people don’t use social media.

About 55 percent of Facebook users were over the age of 35 (as of 2021). More than 70 percent of people aged 45-64 in the U.S. watched YouTube videos in 2020. Forty percent of those on LinkedIn were aged 46-55 at the end of 2020.

  • Myth #6: The social media tactics and strategies you used in 2021 will still work in 2022, 2023 and beyond.

Social media companies constantly change their algorithms. Doing the “same old, same old” soon enough will mean fading results unless you keep up.

Strategies that once brought you a ton of new followers – and sales – may not be as effective as they once were. 

Yet it can be really hard to keep up, especially if you don’t have a social media team or just one or two marketers on your staff. can help with your social media marketing

We live and breathe social media marketing. We have to: it’s what we do. Were we to get complacent ourselves we’d soon lose clients unhappy with our work – and results. Whether you’re trying to do it all yourself, or whether your social media team is overwhelmed, learn more about our social media marketing services.