6 Social Media Strategies for Franchise Development

There’s no single marketing tool that will magically propel your lead generation and franchise development into the future… but wouldn’t it be smart to use all of the tools available to you?  

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to start building rapport, initiating dialogue, and creating awareness of your brand.  Platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter are excellent franchise recruitment tools.  They are:

  • instantaneous, interactive ways to reach franchise prospects
  • additional opportunities for interaction at minimal cost
  • a simple, subtle, and more friendly way to sell your franchise

Try One (or All) of These Strategies:

1. Motivate and Encourage

Create or repurpose inspirational quotes and breathtaking images. Tell your brand story through relatable, inspiring messaging – these posts are highly likely to be shared.  Social media is a great place for highly-emotive content; it gives brands a clearer, more personal  posture.  Social media lends a brand extra credibility and builds trust with consumers and franchising prospects alike.


2. Become an Industry Thought Leader

Put out a constant flow of valuable information.  Fact-check and verify the quality of your social media output, and help your followers stay up-to-date on industry news. Keep it business-casual.  Over time, you will establish a reputation for quality and be on your way to becoming a thought leader in your industry.


3. Create a Community 

The online community available on social networks is a huge asset when trying to sell your franchise.  Asking questions and taking polls (for example) on social media can help you grow a community around your brand, and possibly teach you things you didn’t know from more formal research, like the locations of your most promising markets.  Data from social networks, particularly Facebook and Linkedin, can help you identify and learn more about prospective owners. A sense of belonging and community can help you with your franchise development as well as your consumer connections.


4. Promote Your Favorite Causes

Showcase your business’s cause-worthy marketing and let customers know how much you care.  Here, Everlane cleverly advertises a product as well as promoting an important cause to the brand.  Promoting causes is always a win-win – as long as your brand has clearly-defined values and goals.


5. Draw Attention to Promotions

Here’s some visual punch: Staples does a great job using creative images to promote new products and to remind customers of the things they already know and love (but might be running low on)!  Instagram is a powerful social network for visual posts.


6. Simply Educate Your Customers

Social media can be a great way to provide clear, accessible, and unpretentious information.  Teach your customers about how your goods or services can improve the quality of their lives!  Rather than creating pamphlets, guidebooks, and other materials they may not read (TL;DR), use social media accounts to provide helpful tidbits.  Customers are likely to prefer a steady, friendly stream of tips and tricks to a novel.

When it comes to social media, your safest bet is to focus on quality, not quantity of messaging.  The wrong message can turn off your prospects – but grow a good stream of carefully-crafted tweets, and your investment will likely pay off handsomely.  

Ready to Get Started?

If you have a pretty good channel or two running, you may be selling franchises through social media and not even realize it! If you don’t, it might be time to consider doing so.  Ingenex Digital Marketing specializes in helping franchises reach their greatest potential – to grow quickly and with integrity.  Let us help you with a social media marketing strategy (and much more)!