Promoting Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known for its ability to give you instant access to your professional network. Company pages are a big part of building connections for your brand in this network so it’s important to make sure you are properly promoting your business on LinkedIn.

Organize your Company Page.

If you just created your page and left it sitting there, you’re wasting opportunities. Add details like your logo, cover photo, and other company information to give an accurate picture of what you’re all about. People will be more likely to follow your page if it looks clean and up to date with quality information.

Work out your content strategy.

You probably already have a brand voice, but make sure you know how it fits into your LinkedIn profile since it is a slightly different audience that will expect a slightly different approach. Decide how often you want to post to your page and your response strategy to comments. Are you using your page to attract employees? Or customers? This is a key consideration when plotting your strategy for using the page.

See if ads fit into your strategy.

There are three different types of LinkedIn Ads, so its important to have some knowledge on each type to make an informed decision as to which ad to use for a campaign.

LinkedIn can be a great tool for connecting with potential employees and customers alike, so make sure you’re using your profile to its fullest potential. Ads can be a great asset to reaching new prospects, so check out our LinkedIn Ads How-To for some tips and information on how to use each of the three ads.

photo credit: When The Lines Blur – Heron Tower London City Office Life via photopin (license)