Marketing Automation & Growing Your Business

First off, marketing automation can significantly impact your companies success. Using marketing automation can mean the difference between being overworked in your marketing efforts and seeing results.

Secondly, automation in no way means that your marketing goes on auto-pilot and/or is created by bots.

You automate its delivery to your prospects and customers.

Furthermore, here’s how marketing automation works when it comes to different aspects of your marketing efforts.

Email marketing

Also, email marketing is the easiest task to automate. This is the easiest because of all the email automation programs and platforms available (Aweber, HubSpot, MailChimp, etc.)

Email marketing automation allows you to send:

  • 1. Triggering emails based on prospect actions (downloading a free ebook, signing up for a webinar & sending the confirmations).
  • 2. Drip workflows that send email content at set times.
  • 3. Split testing (A/B testing content) and then automatically sending out the content that performs best.
  • 4. Email personalization (personalizing EACH email sent).
  • 5. Segmenting prospects based on data and automatically sending the right email to each group.

Perks of Internal Marketing Automation:

  • 1. Lead scoring and qualification
  • 2. Notifying certain team members if contacts made certain actions or met certain conditions.
  • 3. Sending qualified leads to appropriate apps
  • 4. Allowing marketing and sales departments to communicate more clearly.
  • 5. The many processes of publishing content or setting up a new marketing pushes can easily be made more efficient.

Sales automation:

Sales automation can help your sales professionals in various ways such as..

  1. Stay on top of pipelines
  2. Manage their calendars better
  3. Identify and focus on leads that are sales-ready
  4. Collect data insights and act upon them
  5. Create a strong communication pipeline with marketing

Customer Care Automation:

Moreover, Customer Care Automation is a great way to improve your customer experience by personalizing interactions. It personalizes interactions by providing valuable data about the customer for your CSA team.

Furthermore, it also improves your customer service agents because it will no longer require them to perform repetitive tasks.

  • For example, automation can tell the CSA it’s time to check in with the customer.
  • In addition, automated satisfaction surveys will let CSAs know when a certain customer is unhappy so they can reach out.
  • Chatbots and other knowledge bases with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) can answer simple customer questions quickly.

Marketing automation is making the human touch easy

To summarize, marketing automation does not remove the personal touch our prospects and clients crave. Additionally, automation does not write email series, blog posts, white papers, create videos, infographics or podcasts.

Instead, it automates their delivery to your clients.

In conclusion, automated content marketing will give you more time to create content, interact with customers, answer questions and help your business grow.

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