Four Reasons You Need to Hire a Local Marketing Agency

Bigger is better, right?


Far from it! It’s like comparing a nationwide restaurant chain to your favorite hometown spot. You may love the pancakes from IHOP, but how do they compare to those from your local diner hangout? What’s more, your favorite waitress there calls you by name, knows your favorite table to sit at, and asks how that date was that you went on last week. So we’ll ask again: how does it compare?


It doesn’t.


If you own a business in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, or any other Michigan city, why – oh, WHY!? – are you looking for a national digital marketing agency to provide you with inbound marketing services?

A small, Michigan-based marketing firm is far better for you than any larger, nationwide firm. Need more convincing?


You can meet in person and build an authentic relationship.

Little beats face-to-face discussions. Sure, a national firm could video chat, but when talking in person, conversations tend to run deeper and “build a more authentic and trustworthy relationship.” Chatting by email, text, or even phone/video is more likely to incur misunderstandings.


Local agencies can provide content that better communicates your company’s expertise and the location in which you do business.

Inbound marketing involves a lot of content production (blogs, website content, video, infographics, ebooks, etc.) to showcase your expertise. Providing this information to your leads and prospects ensures over time they come to know you as the expert and trust you have their best interest at heart. By trusting this responsibility to an agency that knows your company intimately and genuinely, the content produced will more authentically represent your message. Once leads and prospects are ready to buy, the business they’ll buy from will be yours.


Forget across-the-country support. Your go-to team is close by and ready to help!

Did someone not receive their free ebook upon giving you their email? Did a disgruntled customer leave an inflammatory comment on your Facebook page? If a problem arises that you’re unsure of how to handle, a local agency can be there in a pinch to help you to resolve the issue together. After all, they’re just a quick drive across town.


Christmas parties, referrals, friends to sit with at Chamber of Commerce networking meetings, and so on!

Working with a nearby digital marketing agency means you never again have to sit alone at a Chamber mixer. What’s more, digital agencies such as ours tend to be filled with creative and interesting individuals who always have something entertaining to say!




Jokes aside, we’ve been located in Ann Arbor for over 10 years, and most of us were born in Michigan. We may know of people you should hire – or who should hire you/buy your services.


Let’s network! Ingenex Digital Marketing is a small, Ann Arbor-proud inbound marketing agency that’s helped local (and, OK, we admit it, national) companies for more than 10 years attract highly targeted prospects and turn them into customers. We’d love to do the same for you, local you! Let’s start building that authentic relationship. Contact us!