LinkedIn Video Marketing: Just Watch the Leads Pour In

What if you could use just one website and just watch the B2B leads pour in? How would your sales improve? How much would your bottom line grow?

Well, you pretty much can use just one website and that website is LinkedIn.

The incredible power of LinkedIn marketing

First, two statistics:

One small caveat

LinkedIn is for connecting and networking. Sending InMail and spam messages will get you on your connections’ blacklist.

Instead, you should take the time to create informative and engaging content – and that content should be video.

Why video marketing on LinkedIn is so powerful

LinkedIn members share the videos they’ve seen pop up in their feed with their connections far more than any other type of content. What’s more, LinkedIn’s members spend three times longer watching video ads on LinkedIn than they do static ads. 

People are more likely to connect with your company’s LinkedIn page or even your personal profile as a result of watching a video because you have just given them a good sense of what you’re all about.

In addition, LinkedIn’s algorithm loves video, particularly native video, because it’s not on LinkedIn via an outbound link. The algorithm also loves video because the algorithm loves content that is engaging…and we can think of little else that’s more engaging than video.

The different types of video used in LinkedIn marketing:

  • Shared videos, in which you simply share an external video (such as from your YouTube channel) to LinkedIn.
  • “Native” videos, which are uploaded directly to LinkedIn from your phone or computer. These types of videos tend to receive more views and earn better engagement because they are uploaded specifically to LinkedIn.
  • Video ads. These are native ads – you create them yourself for posting on LinkedIn – and you pay LinkedIn a fee. These can be a quite effective LinkedIn marketing tool.

A few LinkedIn video marketing best practices

  • Above all else, be true to who or what you are. Act like you’re a company filled with real people. Be you: be quirky if you’re quirky; serious if you’re a serious enterprise. “Talk” to the viewer as if you’re talking to someone in person. 
  • If you sell products, demonstrate how they work. If possible, demonstrate – with proof – about how they will solve your prospects’ problems.
  • Tell stories. Humans love stories: it’s how we’ve learned from our elders before the advent of the written word and we still gravitate to them. Stories are a great way to showcase your brand message.

LinkedIn video marketing is a terrific way to build your brand and increase revenue

Video marketing on LinkedIn still is in its start-up stages: begin marketing now with video on the social channel and be ahead of your competitors in the months to come. Do it well, and it’s not far-fetched to say that you’ll remain top-of mind with prospects even after competitors follow suit with their own videos marketing efforts.

Ingenex Digital Marketing can help you create engaging videos that showcase your brand. We can help you create video ads or “simple” native ads that increase awareness, grow engagement…and secure new leads.