Content’s Connection to Lead Generation

If you’re like most marketers, lead generation is your top challenge. We know because HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing Report for 2017 told us so.

As challenging as it can be getting people to visit your channels, B2B marketers also must provide prospects with content that engages them. This pushes them one step closer to filling out those contact forms!

So how does one do this?

Content, Content, Content

Don’t get us wrong: keyword optimization is still important when it comes to popping up on search engines. After all, the right keywords will help prospects find you. If someone clicks on your search results link, however, and discovers that your content is….less than stellar, say bye bye!

Instead, you need to provide helpful content: the kind that helps visitors solve their problems and reach their goals. The kind that doesn’t sell, but instead informs. It should be engaging, written for readers (not for search engines) and provide true value.

Explore New Markets with Keyword Targeting

Do you really know who can use your products or services? Originally, you may have thought only 30 to 45-year-old LPNs with 10-12 years of experience are interested in your online RN-to-BSN program. What if we told you that you could also generate leads with keyword targeting for 30-year-old EMTs?

Keyword optimization that speaks to concerns and questions you may not have previously considered could open your program to a whole new market segment. This is where using tools that dig into data regarding who your prospects really are – instead of who you think they are – is critical.

Improve Existing Content

Take a look at your blog posts and website content in general. Do they contain the keywords your prospects use? Does the content provide information that will help the reader meet their goals or solve their problem?

If you find that keyword optimization or truly informative content is missing, rewrite/rework/add content so that each page or blog post contains these critical digital marketing components.

Photos, videos, infographics and other mixed media also help improve content of all types.

“Pushing” Site Visitors to Provide Contact Information

Great content is all well and good, but unless you can capture a visitors’ contact information you’ve just provided them with….great content. You’ve received nothing in return.

While the idea is to be helpful rather than sales-y, you do want to entice visitors to provide their email address. An offer at the end of a blog post of a free ebook that delves deeper into an issue is one example of this. Visitors give you their email address. They receive the ebook. You can then continue to send them valuable information in the form of blog posts, additional ebooks, and so on.

Here are some additional lead generation strategies.

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