Top Instagram Tips for 2020

Who doesn’t love a great photo? Pretty much no one, as evidenced by some statistics regarding Instagram in 2020 (from HubSpot):

  • More than one billion people use the social channel each month.
  • 500 million use Instagram Stories each day.
  • Sixty-three percent of Instagram’s users log on every day.
  • Instagram’s users break out to 52 percent women and 48 percent men.

And, most importantly for businesses: 200 million of the channel’s users visit a business’ Instagram profile each day. In fact, one-third of most-viewed Stories are those of businesses.

Using Instagram to the best of its abilities this year

Chances are your business is already using Instagram as part of its digital marketing mix,   possibly even advertising on Stories. That being the case, here are a few top Instagram marketing tips that are sure to bring results in 2020.

  • If you’re not already doing so, 2020 is THE time to start using video in your posts because video posts receive two times as many comments as other types. And since growing your brand is all about engagement, the more people comment, the more they are engaging with you.
  • One would think that using more hashtags would result in more engagement, but HubSpot has found that using more hashtags actually results in less engagement. So this year it may be wise to use fewer hashtags. But make sure they’re highly relevant to your post. In fact, if you can create a hashtag created specifically for your brand, all the better.
  • When it comes to followers, more isn’t necessarily a good thing. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get followers now than it was even just two years ago. So instead of putting a ton more effort in gaining new followers, put more of that effort on making sure your current followers stay engaged.
  • Consider an investment in influencer Instagram marketing. Doing so means you’ll be able to engage with your audience in a noninvasive and more authentic way. And don’t worry about having to partner with a super-star influencer: micro-influencers (those with 50,000-100,000 followers, or even fewer) often result in much higher engagement and conversion rates. They’re also easier to create partnerships with and your influencer campaign will be more cost-effective.
  • If you haven’t already, 2020 definitely is the time to start with the “no-edit edit,” which are posts with photos that have been edited minimally, if at all. This provides the all-important “authentic” look. (This also goes for videos, by the way: lightly edited is it today!)
  • You may want to post less, using only the best content for your feed.
  • Instagram is still testing out “hidden likes.” The idea behind this is to stop the madness regarding numbers of likes, particularly for non-business profiles (such as those owned by teens). You will be able to see how many likes you have; your followers will not.
  • The TikTok effect will start appearing on Instagram. Teens especially love this social platform. (It’s similar to Stories.) Videos on TikTok are exceptionally unfiltered and hyper-focused on the video’s content rather than how it looks.
  • Don’t be shy about writing a long caption. Doing so allows you to provide a more detailed – that is, authentic – story. Followers will spend more time reading your posts – Instagram algorithm positively notes when followers spend more time on your posts – increasing engagement. 

Master Instagram in 2020

Social media marketing strategies change in a flash today. It’s incredibly hard to keep up. For example, think back to a year ago. Have you ever heard about TikTok then?

We can help you keep up. In fact, we keep up … so you don’t have to. Let Ingenex Digital Marketing help you increase your Instagram engagement and brand building.
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