Hacking Instagram Story Ads

Instagram now has four hundred million – 400 million! – accounts, and many of those individuals and businesses now use Instagram Stories to let their followers know what’s going on in their lives/businesses.

In March, Instagram started offering businesses full-screen, vertical ads in Stories, offering companies an alternative to ad placement within Instagram’s newsfeed.

Yet, Instagram optimization in promoted posts in Stories is a bit different. For one thing, an ad promoted within the Instagram news feed now shows up not only in prospects’ timelines, but also in their Stories section.

You’ve probably worked to optimize your ad for the timeline, but is it also optimized for Stories placement?

Our Instagram Story Ads Advice

You have just 10 seconds to make an impression on Instagram Stories. When it comes to Stories, the platform prefers vertical videos, not the usual horizontal videos of most other social media marketing channels.

Here are the basics when it comes to Instagram Story Ads video optimization:

  • Keep your Stories videos short, no more – and no less – than 10 seconds in length.
  • If you use captions (and remember that because the video will take up the entire screen in a viewer’s smartphone, the captions will appear as text on the video), make sure whatever you write is tight and catchy. It must grab the viewer’s attention.
  • Place your text/content toward the bottom or center of the screen
  • Focus on benefits, not features.
  • Be clear as to what users get when they swipe up on the ad: simple and direct copy wins the game.
  • If viewers don’t know who you are, they may swipe through immediately. To guard against this, make sure your logo/branding is prominent quickly in your Story ad.
  • As you write/create the ad, remember that you need to answer the following four questions:
    • Is the thing you’re advertising useful/does it have value to a prospect?
    • What is its unique benefit?
    • How does it lead your prospects to act quickly?
    • Provide clear instructions on next steps (provide a very clear CTA).

Optimizing your Instagram Story Ads

Promoted posts on Instagram Stories are fairly new, so your Instagram marketing efforts are about to change big time. Again. (You’re not going crazy – social media marketing is constantly changing and it’s normal to feel a bit…overwhelmed.)

Ingenex Digital Marketing is here to keep up and thrive in your digital marketing efforts. Contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, to schedule a one-on-one discussion regarding the new Instagram Stories ads. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.