How to Write an Effective Landing Page

If you take anything from this blog post on how to write a landing page, take this: its sole purpose is to convert visitors into leads.

That’s it. Plain and simple.

Awesome Inbound Marketing Campaigns Offer

In fact, the best landing pages are pretty plain and simple. Not too fancy looking, but not unattractive.

You don’t want prospects who have made it to your landing page to buy from you now (although we know that sure would be nice). Instead, all you want from them is their contact information and what you really only need is their first name and their email address. You don’t need their full name, the company at which they work, their mailing address, their phone number, etc.

Instead, all you want them to do is give you their email address in exchange for a piece of valuable information (an ebook, report, infographic, a short online course).  Once they do, they’re a true lead and you then continue to email them with valuable information.This will help them solve the problem or reach the goal they want: the one that lead them to your website and landing page in the first place.

So what is a landing page? In short, it’s a tool that helps you help prospects along in their buyer’s journey with you.

The Main Parts of Your Landing Page

Basically, when it comes to landing page best practices, the better pages have four elements:

1.  The pain points your offer addresses. People found you because they have a goal or problem they want to solve or meet. Your landing page should acknowledge these goals/problems: they want to save money on new equipment, they want to enroll more students in their college, they want to successfully launch a new product, they want to sign more franchisees.

2. The benefits of your offer. Why should someone give you their email address for the freebie you’re offering? What questions will it help answer? What information will it give them that they can’t get somewhere else? (Often, they can find this information with more online research, but your freebie means they won’t have to go hunting: it will be in their inbox as soon as they give you their email address).

3. The features of your offer. This part is often very short (as in a sentence or two): it’s an ebook, report, infographic, short online course, etc.

4. Your solution. In this case, it’s your free offer.

A Few Landing Page Examples

We understand you would love to see some terrific landing page examples. Here are 110!

Looking for Landing Page Templates?

Many companies offer them online. Many are free (you probably want to steer clear of those), yet the ones you need to pay for are quite affordable. All you need to do to find them is Google “landing page templates” and up will pop pages of results.

If you have better things to do than cull through dozens of landing page examples and reading tips on how to write a landing page, consider reaching out to Jeff Hays, our director of client services, to chat one-on-one regarding your lead generation needs.If you prefer, you can always reach out to us via our contact page.