Go Big with Personalization or Go Home

Perhaps one of the “positive” things this recent past has shown us is how important our relationships are to us. To all of us. To the human race. And how personalization can make a big difference.

Not being able to see and hold those most important to us (if they don’t live with us) for more than a year has been beyond tough. Far worse than tough.

So if anything, the pandemic has shown us all how important personal relationships are.

And this, understandably, has moved over to marketing:

Your prospects, clients and customers want a personal relationship with you

(Or at least one that’s as personal as  such a transactional relationship can be; let’s be real, after all!)

This idea of creating such a “personal” bond via marketing has been around for years, but the pandemic has really made building something as truly personal as possible with a prospect/client absolutely critical moving forward. It’s marketing personalization!

Marketing strategies that help to build a truly personal relationship


Newsletters, when done well, can really help prospects and customers feel this close to you.  They can nurture leads, build brand loyalty and are terrific for sharing news. What’s more:

  • Newsletters help you stay top-of-mind because you’re in regular communication with potential leads and current customers.
  • Regular newsletter communications is extremely cost-effective. Your newsletters can be beautifully designed graphically, but that’s not absolutely necessary. (What is necessary? Regular, consistent sending of the newsletter.)
  • Your newsletter’s content can be an extremely powerful lead gen/customer relationship-building tool. Providing leads and even current customers with information that helps them solve the problems/reach the goals your product or service is a terrific way to build trust, showcase your expertise (if you provide a service) and build credibility that your product does what you say it will.
  • Newsletters needn’t be strictly “all business: You can provide links to fun videos, offer up recipes, cartoons. Infographics and video also catch and keep newsletter recipients’ attention – and are proven engagement getters.
  • Don’t forget to provide links to information on your own website (blog posts, job openings, press releases, etc. Doing so can help recipients visit your site, helping them learn even more about you and connect with your offerings.

Website and blog content

As you create blogs and website pages, keep your prospects’/clients’ top of mind. Always. What are their concerns as they pertain to your offerings: how can your products or services help them reach their goals or solve their specific problems? 

Sure, you’ll want to talk about your offering’s features, but your main focus should be on the benefits to your prospects.

Think of it this way: discussing features makes your content all about you because it’s discussing or explaining how your service or product works. 

But because personalization should be all about your prospects’ needs and goals, you should discuss your offering’s benefits: how it solves problems. How it makes readers’ lives better.