Finding The Right Marketing Tools: HubSpot Innovative Marketing Services

Finding the right tools to execute your marketing strategy can be tricky. With thousands of applications out there, how does one figure out which tool or tools will be right to integrate with their growing business?

Whether you are seeking to build your online presence or expand your customer base, HubSpot has the right tools for you! The HubSpot Marketplace connects companies with tools to revamp or manage their business ranging from content management to website customization and many more.

At a glance, the HubSpot Marketplace has over 500 apps as well as 40+ categories for users to choose from. In addition, HubSpot Marketplace has enabled easy to use features to allow users to compare different tools and has a variety of free apps as well as apps for purchase. 

How To Find The Right Tools

1. Consider Your Needs

When finding the right tools, keep in mind your marketing strategies and goals. Frequently ask yourself “how does this tool fit my needs?”. This helps to minimize time spent experimenting with apps. Hubspot provides a discover and category section that helps users to navigate through their app ecosystem, making it easier to find what you need. 

2. Look at Reviews and Ratings

In addition, ask yourself “how successful has this tool been for others?”. Research and look up testimonials. A great feature about the HubSpot Marketplace is that they have ratings and reviews on their apps. This is helpful because it lets you know how users similar to yourself have or have not benefited from the tool.

3. Optimal Features

Lastly, you may consider what other features the tool provides that you may need in the future. HubSpot allows its companies to compare different apps, making it easier to figure out which app is the best for you.

HubSpot’s Top Apps

Some of the top apps that HubSpot offers are:


Looking to stimulate your engagement? Well look no more! Check out UpContent for curated content to post on channels for your audience to interact and engage with. Channels include websites, email marketing campaigns and social media channels. UpContent is great for improving SEO and content strategy because it provides users with trustworthy and relevant articles to match their needs. UpContent has the capability to integrate with Buffer, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, WordPress and more. 

Insycle Data Management

Whether your database is simple or complex Insycle Data Management grants users to manage contact data efficiently. Some of its features include easy and consistent data formatting for names, phone numbers and titles. Insycle Data Management provides users with the ability to consolidate and standardize data for proper segmentation and reporting as well as collaboration with team members. Overall, Insycle Data Management is a low maintenance data management platform, making it easier for companies to clean and maintain their data. Insycle Data Management can integrate with Intercom, Mailchimp, Outreach, Pipedrive and more.


Supermetrics is a data analytics platform that grants users access to tracking and reporting their data. Users can create their own reports and dashboards, manage and track multiple marketing campaigns as well as import and export data to Google sheets, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Google Data Studio. Supermetrics is ideal for companies that are looking to easily track data and find insights about their campaigns. 

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