Facebook Stories: Social Media Marketing at a Glance

Facebook owns Instagram. Naturally, one might think that Facebook Stories are just the same as Instagram Stories. They aren’t!

When it comes to Facebook Story marketing, you’re going to need to do things a bit differently than you would on Instagram Stories.

We’ll discuss the differentiations between these two social media marketing behemoths, and offer tips on how to best use Facebook Stories in your marketing strategy a bit further on.

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First, a Quick Definition of the Story Platform.

In a nutshell, an Instagram or Facebook Story is a video or post that lasts for only 24 hours. The attraction is pure FOMO (fear of missing out): post a Story to your Facebook or Instagram channel and people tend to flock to it.

Proof? Some stats on Stories’ popularity:

Facebook has 1.4 billion daily users worldwide (compared to Instagram’s 500 million daily active users). What’s more, Facebook boasts that 68 percent of adults in the U.S. use the platform, compared to “just” 35 percent on Instagram.

Facebook Stories got its start in March 2017, about nine months after Instagram launched its story platform in August 2016. Both are massively popular, and quickly gave the original disappearing story platform, Snapchat (born July 2011, eons ago in social media time) a run for its money in popularity. Both now have more users than Snapchat.

How Facebook Story Marketing is Different from Marketing with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is quite similar to Snapchat. Facebook Stories is…not:

  • For example, you can’t add a link in Instagram Stories unless you have 10K followers or are verified. Yet, Facebook allows business pages to add CTA buttons within its Stories, no matter how many – or few – followers a business page has.
  • In addition, Instagram recently moved from the FOMO effect of disappearing Stories because it now allows Story creators to post a Story to “Highlights,” thus letting the Story live forever.
  • You can share Stories to both Instagram and Facebook from Instagram, but you can’t share to both from Facebook.
  •  Facebook story marketing is great for an older audience. Instagram’s users still skew a tad younger, though. Instagram Stories, therefore, are terrific to expand your reach and grow your (younger) audience.
  •  Finally, using Facebook Stories is an absolutely terrific way to bypass the channel’s algorithm. This is because a story will appear at the top of the app (and sidebar on desktop) before any other posts.

If you’re just getting started with Facebook Story marketing, or even just social media marketing in general, HubSpot has a terrific “beginners” Facebook marketing guide (no download needed).

In addition, Instagram Stories is a great place to run paid advertising. We recently put together a short primer on how to “hack” Instagram Story ads.

We’d love to help you with your social media marketing, including using Stories effectively and social media advertising. Contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, and schedule a personal, one-on-one chat to discuss. Contact us here at Ingenex Digital Marketing any time.