Education Through Conferences

Researching is just one way to stay informed on changes in digital marketing. Conferences are a more interactive option. There are some really awesome ones that give you the opportunity to learn a lot about digital marketing strategies and techniques as well as the industry and best practices. Take advantage of some of these great events that are coming around this year:

Social Media Marketing World (sponsored by Social Media Examiner)

March 25-27, San Deigo, CA

This conference brings together social influencers and professionals to learn, discover, and network. It’s geared more towards social media marketing professionals and hopes to inspire new ideas for content and strategy.

Inbound (sponsored by Hubspot)

September 8-11, Boston, MA

Inbound is a conference devoted to inbound marketing and discovering what inbound marketing has to offer. You’ll hear from the founders of Hubspot as well as other influential brands and marketers. There are usually over 7,000 attendees, so it’s definitely a networking opportunity.

PRSA International Conference (sponsored by PRSA)

November 8-10, Atlanta, GA

Public Relations and Digital Marketing fall under the same communications umbrella. The International Conference focuses on the new techniques and tools available to PR professionals at all career levels.


July 13-15, Seattle, WA

Mozcon hits a bunch of high points in SEO, social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, CRO, mobile, analytics, and more. That’s a lot to cover in 3 days.


April 13-16, Las Vegas, NV

New Media Expo is a big gathering for content. The speakers and activities focus on blogging, podcasts, and video production. It’s been around for a few years and aims to inspire and connect attendees.

These are just a few events but there are plenty more that aren’t listed here. Mashable has a great event search tool helping you find digital events that may interest you. Take a look, and stay educated with these conferences.

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