The Economy WILL Reopen; Will Your Marketing Be Ready?

This coronavirus-induced economic crisis won’t always be with us. The U.S. economy WILL improve, albeit slowly. As we speak, different states all over the U.S are cautiously starting to open back up.

Will you be ready for these small steps back to some semblance of normality? Now is a good time to getting your marketing efforts ready for the coming months.

Marketing Ideas For Getting Ready For Your State Economy’s (probably not so grand) Reopening

  • Interview via voice and video your current customers and vendors about their experience with you.

Doing this does a couple of things: it helps current customers/vendors feel special (“You want to video ME?!”) while also “reminding” them that you’re here to help them (in case they haven’t purchased from you in a while).

Post these videos on your website now and broadcast them via email and your social media channels: they will help bring in new – and old – prospects and leads to you.

  • Create brand videos and photos that really showcase your offerings.

Branding videos often get pushed down the to-do list because, well, you’re too busy running your business. But if the lockdown means you’re not open at all or if things have slowed considerably, this could be the perfect time to take some photos and videos that showcase your brand. You will, of course, post them on your website, in emails and via your social channels.

  • Is yours a brick-and-mortar business? Take a good look at your Google Your Business profile and make sure it’s the best it can be.

This would be a good idea even if the country weren’t on the verge of starting to reopen, because if you’ve changed your hours or have changed other ways of doing business (curbside delivery only, for example), you should do an update ASAP.

If you’ve been closed completely (you’re a nail salon, for example), as soon as your governor gives the go-ahead for reopening, your Google My Business listing can provide a link to your website that provides new operating parameters. What’s more, you also can add that information directly to your Google My Business profile (meaning visitors who land on your profile get your new information immediately).

  • It’s time to take a real deep dive into your analytics.

This is really important to do because you’ll be able to see what worked – and what didn’t work – in the “before days,” thus allowing you to tweak and fix what you had no time before the crisis to tweak or fix before.

  • Whether your state will reopen in the next few weeks or not, continue to reach out to your customers regularly.

There’s a right way and wrong way to do this, of course: marketing that’s mostly about you will fall flat. Instead – and as it’s always been, pandemic or no pandemic – the right type of marketing is all about your customer’s needs. Reaching out to your customers via email and social media with the type of information they need is the absolute correct marketing message you can ever send.

Let Ingenex Digital Marketing help you market your business or service in ways that attract highly targeted prospects to you – now and in the future.

How can we help you market for your state’s reopening?