Digital Marketing Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring Cleaning time. Take a quick break sometime over the next week to review a few key pieces of your digital channels to get them on track. So here is a quick way to get a few things cleaned up.

Digital Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  • Unfollow those unnecessary extra accounts. As much as you probably want to be following thousands of people, you probably don’t utilize all of them. Go through just a few at a time and find those accounts that you haven’t interacted with in a while.
  • Clean those email lists. Set filters so that any leads that haven’t interacted with your site, emails, or social in the last 18 months get removed from your active leads list. It could be impacting your engagement rates so it’s time to clean those out.
  • Refresh old landing pages. Some of the content or stats on your landing pages may need some refreshing, so take a few minutes to look through those pages and make the quick changes so that if anyone lands on your page it’s still current.
  • Update team profiles. Your team has probably been through a few changes, so make sure that everyone’s profiles are accurate and up to date on your website.
  • Check old links. Sometimes links break, it happens, but by taking a few minutes to check old links on social profiles and blog posts you can save some headaches later on.

These are just a few quick spring cleaning tips. Spending just a little time each day will give you cleaner lists, profiles, and websites. As Mary Poppins would say, “Spit spot!”

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