Digital Marketing Tools: HubSpot 2020 Updates

The marketing world is continuously changing with channels expanding, audiences growing, and shifts in consumer behavior. Therefore, having the latest technology and tools can help your business grow, by discovering new insights and providing better customer support to your prospects.

HubSpot recently released some major new improvements and product features ranging from sales, marketing to even service hub updates to make an enjoyable experience for its customers. Check out the new updates below and learn how to better adapt and navigate in today’s environment.

New and Improved INBOUND 2020 Conference Updates

Custom Objects 

With the custom object feature, users can now define an object, change the properties and customize associations with other objects. This unique feature allows users to personalize automated marketing emails, report on custom object records and enroll custom object records into workflow. Custom objects work just like any standard object in HubSpot and gives a better representation of your business by providing a granular view. Custom objects is available for enterprise tiers across all hubs.

AI – Powered Sales Acceleration

Are you looking to populate potential customers’ contact information? The Artificial Intelligence Powered Sales Acceleration offers a new feature that automatically scans a prospect’s email signature. With this setting enabled, the AI pulls relevant information like name, job title, company, and more into your CRM. This new component helps to cut down time and improves productivity. 

Tasks in Today View

Manage your tasks easily by using HubSpot’s Tasks in the Today View. The Tasks functionality allows tasks to be assigned to teammates, show task performance and upcoming events in the Today View. In addition, tasks can be filtered into high priority tasks. This update will increase productivity and allow users to manage their time and tasks appropriately.

Sales Analytics Tools – Forecasting Pipelines and Coaching

The Sales Analytics Tools provides rich insight into the overall health of your sales pipeline. 

Sales managers and teammates can gain insight from sales reports to better understand how they are performing. With this new update, users can now access over 20 reports and forecast their sales. The report (i.e. funnel report) shows robust data to understand changes in your pipeline. Furthermore, sales managers can know exactly why deals have changed by accessing the deal change history report.


Marketing Contacts

Coming soon is HubSpot’s new product feature, Marketing Contacts. This new feature lets users focus their budget on which contacts they want to pay to market via sending emails or targeting ads in HubSpot. Marketing Contacts grants users to enjoy up to one million of free contact storage. 

Account Based Marketing 

Account Based Marketing was created to make it easier for marketing and sales teams to partner closely on targeting and closing high-value accounts. Now, with the new update it helps to identify key prospects in your pipeline as well as monitor the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts on the ABM dashboards.

Revenue Attribution Reporting 

Revenue Attribution Reporting helps to pinpoint which channels are bringing in revenue. Users can take a deeper dive into the customer journey and connect customers’ interactions to revenue. Additionally, the Revenue Attribution Reporting has a multi-touch revenue attribution report feature. With granular reporting, this aids in understanding how the sales and marketing activities are moving forward to reach users’ goals.

More Advanced Automation Engine 

The new update helps to build and maintain complex workflows by automating many more tasks than before. Users can create campaigns with multiple paths while having access to new features in contact workflows and redesigned workflow builder. Includes slack notifications and updating CRM properties when a new lead is created or changes stages.

Flexible Dashboards

If you want to tell a great data-driven story then the new update in Flexible Dashboards is for you! Marketing, sales, and service dashboards come with default reports. However, you can now customize dashboards to pull the most important business metrics. At a glance, dashboards provides a high-level overview of your business performance including tools to help you understand what actions you need to take.

CRM Powered Ads 

Most ads can get user impressions and clicks but not conversions (CPA). With the CRM Powered Ads, users now have the power to optimize ads towards their audiences that will turn into conversions. The HubSpot ad optimization events signal is sent directly to Google every time a contact lifecycle stage changes. This helps to inform algorithms to target audiences to take action after seeing the ad.  


With the renovation of CMS Hub marketers can take ownership of their website and leverage SEO recommendations in a variety of reports to optimize content. Additionally, developers can leverage the tools and technology that they prefer to create flexible content systems for their marketers to work with. CMS Hub Enterprise is for growing teams that want to start creating interactive web app experiences, like dynamic calculators or event registrations to further engage with their customers.


Advanced Team Management 

If you’re looking for tools to manage and unify your teams effectively, then check out the  advanced team management update. The new feature allows admins and super admins to view, manage and change their teams’ chat statuses. Admins can view which reps are available and are away to manage a better customer chat experience.

Logged-In Visitor Identification 

The Logged-In Visitor Identification is a new feature added to the conversation box to deliver a better customer support experience. This means if your site has log-in features whether on a HubSpot hosted page or external site, you can now identify visitors who are logged in when they chat with your team. You can view a visitor’s chat history or contact record alongside the message in the conversation. The logged-in visitor identification is available at the professional and enterprise tier.

Custom Bot Templates

Connect with users’ on your website by setting up a chat bot to improve customer support on your website. In HubSpot, enable the chat widget to create automated bots to manage common service interactions including FAQ’s or informing a visitor of your business hours. 

Hubspot August 2020 Product Highlights 

Free Landing Pages 

Are you looking to attract customers or create an effective marketing campaign? With HubSpot’s new update, it features the landing page builder which grants users to customize landing pages. This helps to draw in customers and promotes growth in your business. Free users can create up to 20 landing pages and access pre-built templates. This feature is available on the free marketing tools in the HubSpot CRM. 

User Deletion

The new user deletion improvement shows you a user’s owned assets and gives you a chance to view and reassign them before deleting that user. This helps to keep your team efficient and customer conversations fully contextual. Now available in all HubSpot accounts. 

Facebook, & LinkedIn Website Traffic Campaigns 

Seeking to to get traffic to your page? Create a website traffic campaign on Facebook or LinkedIn through HubSpot by linking your accounts to HubSpot. Afterwards, you can build your campaign directly in HubSpot using the ads tool or from the CMS and landing pages. Users have the ability to create ads that are tailored towards their specific target audience and achieve their marketing goals. 

Multi-Auth for Ad Account Connections

Previously in HubSpot only one user in a portal had the permission to connect an ad account. Now, featuring multi-authentication for ad accounts, anyone on your team with Ads Publish permission can connect their ad account. Users can create and manage ad campaigns in addition to creating audiences and events. 

Preview Social Posts

Users can now preview their posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter before publishing their post. This feature shows users an accurate representation of what the post will look like prior to publishing on social networks. 

Task Daily Digest

The new and improved task daily digest streamlines the most important tasks in one digest email. This means no more pesky emails for every individual task. Every morning at 8 AM in your portal’s local time zone, task users will receive a single digest email outlining the total number of tasks that are due for the day, as well as the top three most important tasks based on priority. The daily digest is available to all task users.

HubSpot Email Campaigns in WordPress Login

Previously with WordPress you needed to use a form plugin integrated with an email service provider like Mailchimp, then send your email campaigns in another tool. Now you can use a HubSpot form, or chat, to automatically capture contacts in your HubSpot CRM. Users can now organize contacts and send out email campaigns all without leaving WordPress.

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