Creating Email Newsletters that Convert

The reports of the death of the email newsletter have been greatly exaggerated.

That’s right: email newsletters remain one of the most powerful ways to connect with – and help close – prospects.

Some stats from our partners at HubSpot:

  • 78% of marketers have noticed an increase in email engagement in the past 12 months.
  • 80% of marketers have said they’d give up social media rather than email marketing.
  • 81% of B2B marketers said email newsletters are their most-used content marketing tactic.
  • 82% also say email is among their top free organic distribution marketing channels. 

Create newsletters that convert! Here are our best tips:

  • First things first: you need to write an email subject line that compels people to open your message.

Aim to keep your subject line to no more than 30 characters. Create a sense of urgency: think hard on why people should open the email.  Perhaps state a time limit, provide an irresistible offer or provide the answer to a question they have. Include the recipient’s email in the subject line; people are more likely to click on it if their name is within it.

  • Segment your email lists to different interest groups. 

You will enjoy far more open rates as a result. As an example, one of your persona targets may be more interested in how your service can help him spend more time with his family, while another persona target may be more interested in freeing up time so that she finally can earn that MBA.

  • When it comes to the newsletters’ design, consider the industry and persona to which you’re focusing you marketing, as well as who YOU are.

After all, your B2B prospects may be fine with an HTML email newsletter if you’re a solopreneur who offers social media management to a handful of clients. But if you’re offering what you describe cutting edge tech solutions—as another example – shouldn’t your email design look cutting edge, as well?

  • Your copy’s tone is part of your design.

Design always includes the copy itself, as well as its tone: Playful/cheeky vs. serious/informative, for example. 

Consider your persona, but also consider how you want our reader to feel. Your content/copy should reflect this. 

  • How will prospects find your email newsletter?

You need people to sign up to receive your newsletter. You can do so in several ways:

  • Add a subscription link to the footer of your website.
  • Add popups to your website. These can be particularly effective capturing the email addresses of visitors who appear particularly engaged with it.
  • Promote it on your social media channels, both organically and via ads.
  • Offer a free sample: create a PDF and provide a link on your website. DO NOT ask for an email address in exchange. Create a subscription hyperlink within the newsletter that does require an email address.
  • Be consistent in your publishing scheduling/emailing of the newsletter.

It really doesn’t matter how often you publish. Whether you send it monthly, each week, quarterly, twice a year, or even every day, just make sure you do so every time you say you will. 

Also, work to ensure you’re content surprises your audience every now and then.  Don’t ever let them think it’s always going to be the same; keep them on their toes. Change it up every now and then. Have a mix of listicles, infographics, blog posts (you will link to them all in the email), as well as special offers and contests. Include gifs and video, even surveys – don’t make it all text.

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