Boosting Flat Traffic

You started using lead generation strategies such as content creation, keyword optimization, and so on and traffic just exploded.  New leads. Great prospects. Many sales. Happy dancing all around.

You’ve continued these digital marketing and SEO strategies for awhile now, but you’ve noticed something: flat traffic. That is, traffic has remained the same. It’s not going down, but it’s certainly not going up. What gives, and what can you do about it?

It May NOT be a Google Algorithm Change.

Google often changes its search algorithm, much to the consternation of many an SEO wizard and digital marketer. While any slowdown in your traffic could be a result of your website’s content no longer appeasing Google, it may not be.

Remember: Google wants content – a lot of content. But it also needs to be helpful content. So if traffic has flatlined, check the quality of your content. Are you truly answering the questions and concerns your prospects seek as they enter keywords in their favorite browser? Are you using the right keywords to begin with?

Speaking of Content, Try New Topics

Your content may be fine. If you are answering the questions your prospects want answered, they may just be using different keywords than they did before. Remember: SEO isn’t dead; it just needs need great content to go with those keywords.

Perform a content audit and take a deep dive into your competitors’ content offerings. Look at the keywords competitors use: are they different from yours? What additional topics could you cover using these “new” keywords? Is there a niche competitors are hot after? Could you focus on that niche relatively easily with new/different content?

Lead Generation Means Never Whining “But It Worked Before!”

Google’s algorithm changes. Prospects’ social media usage changes. Site visitors wanted short blog posts, now they want long posts. (Nope, they really want LIVE video. Except when they want “bite-sized” 200-word content.) What the experts tell you works, may not…at least in regards to your prospects.

Our advice for boosting flat traffic? Play a little. Experiment. Try niche markets. Use new keywords and try some new content ideas. Dig into your data and see what resonates.  What did new buyers enjoy/engage with the most? What blog post, micro-blog update on LinkedIn or link from Twitter to which infographic performed best?

Feeling overwhelmed? We hear you! It’s our job to stay on top of all this, but even we get inundated. That’s why we have a team to help you. After all, keyword optimization and lead generation really is too much for any one – or two – people to master. Especially with the constant changes inherent in digital marketing.

We’ve been helping businesses – especially those selling B2B – with the marketing overwhelm since 2012. Contact Ingenex Digital Marketing today or schedule a chat with Jeff Hays, our director of client services. We look forward to hearing from you.