How to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas

We talked a bit in our last blog post about how to write a blog post– yet before you can even outline the post, let alone write it, you have to come up with a topic or an idea. We also discussed this a bit in our last blog, but this topic deserves its own, full post.

So here it goes!

Step 1: Ask your current customers what they need help with.

Doing so will undoubtedly give you a true wealth of ideas. You can provide a post that gives step-by-step instructions as to how to do something. Additionally, you can do an overview post about a topic your customers say they find important.  You can dive deep into a typical goal or problem your customers have and give them advice as to how to meet it/solve it. 

And so on.

Step 2: Ask your sales team members and your customer support teams what their prospects/your customers are asking them.

What questions are they asking: how the product/service works? What kind of problems does the offering solve? Is there anything they’d like to know about your business?

Step 3: Have your sales teams/customer service teams ask their prospects/customers what they’re currently working on.

You easily could write a post that shows how your product/service will help. 

Step 4: Let them know what you’re currently working on in-house.

Let prospects and customers know about new products and services that could become down the pike soon. Pique their interest. 

Step 5: Write a post about a problem a client had and how your product/service fixed it.

Also known as case studies, this type of “proof” that your product or service works can be extremely powerful.

Step 6: Write a post about when something went wrong with your product or service.

And then detail what you did to fix it and what you learned as a result.

Step 7: Interview team members.

In the post, talk to one or more employees and ask them to tell you their proudest moment when working for you, their best customer, the reason why they joined your company and why they stay. And so on.

Step 8: Update a previous post.

Any post at least a year old is fair game. You can update it easily by putting in new facts, information, etc.

Step 9: Take a subhead in a previous post and expand upon it.

Many subheads can be their own post. This post is an example of that: we’re expanding on a subhead in our previous post: “choose what topics to cover.”

Step 10: Instead of a post that says “X reasons you should do Y,” write a post “X reasons you SHOULD NOT do Y”

Being a contrarian or devil’s advocate is a sure way to get some eyeballs on your post.

Step 11: Take a look at what your competitors are writing about…

…..and then write a post about what they’re NOT talking about.

Step 12: Share company news.

Just get a new CEO? Write about it. Just landed a new client? Write about it.

Step 13: Do some keyword research regarding how customers are finding your site and then write blog posts about them.

This does double duty: it helps answer the questions searchers are looking for AND because you’ll be using the keywords that get your pages found, a blog post talking about these topics should be a good source of traffic itself.

Want some more ideas to help you come up with blog topic ideas?

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