2021 Digital Marketing Trends, Part 2

As we mentioned in “2021 Digital Marketing Trends, Part 1”, the pandemic has had more than a little effect on digital marketing:

  • PPC fell considerably.
  • Google My Business became a local business’ new BFF.
  • E-commerce grew due to consumer’s wariness of going shopping in person.
  • Social media advertising costs increased but advertisers reached a larger audience.

We also discussed three digital marketing trends we believe marketers and business need to prepare for:

  • Website user experience will be as critical to search engine rankings as on- and off-site SEO.
  • Marketers/businesses needn’t worry about being on every digital channel: focus on where you’re getting the most traction and forget the others.
  • Email marketing likely will continue to grow in importance/ROI.

3 more digital marketing trends coming our way in 2021

  1. Mobile optimization remains absolutely critical.

So how is this any different from the last several years; how is this a “trend”?

It’s not mobile optimization itself that’s a “new” trend, it’s the fact that mobile usage has increased considerably this year because the average person is on their phone — #doomscrolling, perhaps? – an additional 23 minutes a day. We don’t expect this trend to dissipate once the pandemic is over.

What does this mean for you? Mobile optimization – and that includes making it really easy and safe for people to purchase things from you quickly and securely – remains essential. 

And we’re not just talking about ensuring that your website is easy to navigate on a mobile device. We also mean that if your funnels aren’t optimized for mobile, conversions and revenue are going to go to those competitors who are optimized!

For instance, Google reports that the average mobile checkout process takes 120 taps! 120!!! And 27 percent of purchases are abandoned. So you need to make sure you eliminate confusing user flows and/or things that just take too long on a mobile device, such as entering credit card info and user authentication credentials. 

  1. Personalization, personalization, and more personalization

We really can’t emphasize this enough. As we mentioned in Part 1, the pandemic has helped all of us come to truly understand that relationships are the be all and end all: without close family and/or friendships, life is a slog.

Your prospects also want another close relationship….with you! We want to feel connected to the companies with which we do business; we want to feel a business “knows” us.

And what better way to help a prospect or customer feel known is to personalize your communications with them.

  1. Facebook ads.

Yes, here’s another “new” digital marketing trend that’s actually been around for several years. But the pandemic has been good to Facebook’s ad revenue. Very good

And, again, we hear you saying this is nothing new.

Facebook’s increased ad revenue means more businesses are advertising there. And businesses don’t continue advertising unless the advertising brings in new leads and/or sales. (Important note: advertising on Facebook mostly brings in new leads, not new sales.)

What is new in digital marketing in 2021 via Facebook ads? Video!

People love watching videos. They can be funny, emotional (so much so that they make you #uglycry). Help you learn new things. And of course, they can promote products and services.

Video marketing on Facebook is very flexible, offering advertisers cost-efficient choices that meet just about any budget or objective. 

What’s more, predictive analytics (thank you, artificial intelligence) help advertisers make sure their campaigns are economical no matter what type of ad you promote (on Messenger, a carousel or on Facebook Stories).

What’s more, Facebook video ads are embedded in such a way that they flow easily throughout a normal user experience, integrated smoothly into users’ feeds, stories and streams. 

2021 is mere weeks away. Is your marketing strategy ready?
Make sure your marketing is up to 2021 standards. Contact us to learn more about digital marketing trends for next year.